Matrix “introduction”

We as humans understand things that are explained to us in terms of “bhautik” life that we live.

Shiv and shakti OR to say mahakal and mahakali are god’s that are said to be Omni present, means present everywhere. Bhahwat puran treats bjagwan Narayan similarly. Brahma vaivart puran treats Krishna and Radha similarly. They create, preserve and destroy the bhautik sansar.

They are “Param atma” or in today’s world they are the “supreme consciousness.With them we as their part are “atma” or to say “Chaitanya mun” who acquire different type of bodies. Live in them a life and carry our memories, karma & prarabhadh with us in next life when we take rebirth as well.

But how? How can a memory, karma -prarabhdh, results of dharma parayanta or duties that are fulfilled can be carried over ?How can one remember his previous birth that we see some times.

How in one life a man with all bad habits as we measure loves happily and a person fulfilling all his duties nicely with dedication suffer a lot?

Such questions arise in our mind and very few spiritual leaders either not willing to explain it or not able to explain at all. We get answers that go bouncer above our head.

If we really need to understand then we need to accept basics without being biased which we are due to our human nature.

We need to empty our mind and start accepting the present as is. We need to sit alone think over our life as we are “a combination of emotions”. Because we are accepted by people around us basis of emotions that we display. That is why sometimes we hear that “person X is a good guy but I cannot stand him or her because now a days he is too negative”.

So, we are emotions or bhaav that we are to ourselves and what we expose others to us.

Now, this is all practical and understood right.

Now go back and read what I said in beggining. We are Chaitanya mun or emotions or bhaav. We due to our negative karma or positive karma; construct a pandora box that has different measurements (read previous article to understand this sentence).

Since param atma shiv is chetna and energy that chetna carries or embraces is shakti, then the force that carries them together is love or bond between two. This love is Radha. Krishna is balance of karma, dharma and happiness that keeps love/bond intact between chetna(shiv) and urja(Shakti). Narayan is the divine consiousness that holds all stated qualities in itself.

So now put a male partner as shiv in practical life and woman partner as shakti in our worldly life or bhautik sansar. Now place and think every situation on the basis as said above.

We as chetna or bhaav or emotions carry certain energy which we give others that in return comes to us from others or with time. What ever emotions and energy we disperse and manipulate other emotions is karma and that since effects the over all calculation of Param atma or supreme consciousness hence gets recorded.

Matrix is build in such a manner that chetna and shakti together builds the bhautik sansar or physical world. We to prove our own Chaitanya need to come back in this sansar and learn to control emotions along with said and positive karma and fulfilling dharma which are mandatory to be considered.

Now think of people as I said earlier who display all sorts of bad habits but are happy and good people according to us who are suffering. That is because one inspite of drinking, smoking and enjoying life never hurts emotions of others which is karma that is positive. On other hand people who don’t have any bad habits might be hurting emotions due to frustration. That is because it is kalyug and everything goes vice versa and we under “Maya’s effect” get carried away and change emotions to ourselves which becomes our character and effect others.

Think, of what is being said. Try to connect and get your answers from here. Let me know if I explained it right.

We will continue to discuss in next note

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