Matrix “manifestation”

Manifestation or as being understood and discussed today ” the law of attraction” revealed by Rhonda Byrne is what we call as “Yog”.

Yog is not only Yog exercises as being perceived today. That is part of Yog to achieve the state where you start reaching to a state where you can begin manifesting your desires.

“Ghor tap” done by aghoris /Naga sadhus and “tantra tap” are also part of the same journey but short cuts and very difficult ones. A real tantric or aghori sadhus live in isolation with highly maintained discipline which a normal human cannot think of. Their goal becomes to manifest the supreme consciousness getting connected to them and achieve param Anand. The real ones never would be visible. Rest are pretenders who today use poor people to earn money.

So, manifestation!!! What is it?

Divine consiousness when gets connected, is a stage of your emotions where you have already rose above this bhautik sansars’s requirements and you think of achieving bigger goals that world starts calling luck or magic that happened in your life and the event and it’s outcome changes the whole life.

This is this stage where when you decide and desire well being for loved ones and are ready to return the same by doing Narayan Deva as well from the fruit that you reap.

The process of controlling your bhaav / emotions gives you qualification to manifest. Because you can manifest only with “ekagr chitt”.

Your chitt is ekagr only when you are at peace with your emotions. Your body starts being relaxed and your muscles starts keeping stress free. Your thoughts come to a halt and without worry you keep smiling always.

This is the stage when you would see things as if you are an audience of your own life and would understand all the events happening around you. You would then automatically start predicting future results of events that are taking place around you.

Now, when this stage is crossed by you you automatically start attracting the universe to help you fix your problems, whether they are your severe health issues, financial crises or anything else. Solutions come all of a sudden on the way and that event of magic happens as I stated in beginning.

Manifestation, then would become real strength for you. “Brahm acharan” or living in dark experiencing spirits would not affect you or bother you. It all becomes a reality and very simple process.

Here, you sit in meditation or walk on street or eat food or experience sex all stages would be same as you would enjoy everything with peace like a your children who we all admire when they play with their innocence.

I can keep on writing and there would tonnes of books that can be finished on this topic but the experiences would not end.

Hence, now take a deep breath, sit back , close your eyes and think and feel the emotional journey that you just had.

नारायण दृष्टि “पुलस्त्य”

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