Matrix “Misconceptions”

Your health, wealth, future life style, length of your life,

All depends on value you can create in this भौतिक जीवन for your family, friends, environment and lord himself।

What ever you choose you get,

You attain health and wealth depending on How you exist in your own universe.

Try and understand what I am trying to say।।।

Five things that create misconceptions in our life but we take them as our aim of life, where as they destroy everything around us.

Desire for Respect, fortune, collection, category and lust are these five things. Now consider doing a introspection on which ones you do have.

These things give birth to wrong qualities and emotions with in us that affect us in all situations that we face.

Now, think….

Emotional control is necessary to keep your journey on track and not deviate as they are supreme requirements and tasks that we need to fulfill, on this journey consisting of repeated birth and death.

Now think about it. Do you have any aim out of five things mentioned. If you do not have it, then would your life be simple enough to be happy with family and friends.

These things should not be aim, these things are automatically facilitated when you have your KARMA right and you are following your DHARMA.

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