Matrix “Four dimensional universe that you create”

As I say, emotions control and manipulation is the correct understanding of the word “karma”.

Daily routine jobs, work and duties are “dharma” that we need to fulfill.

Now, if you want to understand what I am saying then read previous notes on this blog.

The thought for this note is around 4 dimensions on top of which we build our universe.

We need to understand that universe that I am calling here is build upon your qualities and emotions.

Having said that what usually majority of humans do is they interact without any control over emotions and hence lost control over there senses which in turn manipulate the desires that we exhibit. And again manipulated by our desires we build the qualities that are positive or negative. Mostly it has been observed that humans have built negative emotions such as anger, ego, lust, attraction, greed and fear.

Now, ultimately all this us looped and we build our universe around ourselves which has 4 dimensions. These 4 dimensions are height of topic of discussion, depth of topic of discussion, perception of topic of discussion and intention of topic of discussion.

Now take a pen and paper and draw 4 dimensional graph with above stated 4 dimensions such as height on top of y axis and depth on bottom of y axis and again perception & intention on x axis.

Now, place a box 📦 in center with small dimensions such as 1 cm each side. Again draw another one with dotted line with 7 cm dimension on all side. I name this box as “pandora box”.

Done? Good.

Observe the four dimensions of your universe. Yes, you see it right, how big is your pandora box that big becomes the dimensions of impact of pandora box that you create. And obviously all what you keep in it.

Think, if there is good, humble positive thoughts and topics in your pandora box same is the impact of 4 dimensions over your universe.

Now, let us close the eyes. Take 5 minutes and think of ugly situation that went wrong unexpectedly. You will find the issue. If you could have had right emotions in place, then right thoughts would have build the reactions and then the loop which I stated above starts and at last your pandora box would have had impact positive or negative accordingly.

Wise people speak very less, why ? Because they know this secret and keep the dimensions of there pandora box small so that by any external factor if some dimension goes out of proportion then they can control it better.

What I told now, can be tested physically. Draw this box on any square or rectangular format with big dimensions. And draw with strength. Now, try and rub it with rubber. How much time does it take. Now, draw one with light strength and rub. You see the difference of time taken to control the situation of reverting the impact of what your pandora box created.

Close your eyes for a minute. Digest the whole thing what you just read and take a deep breath.

Think about life and check what went wrong in past and why? Why is it written in all purans that you create your universe and universe reflects back of what you manifest.

Simple living and high thinking is not wearing a torn short and helping poor. It is about keeping your pandora box small and creating positive impact over everyone in your universe.

नारायण दृष्टि “पुलस्त्य”

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