Matrix “fulfillment of desires”

The life we are living is not only made up of this body and the objects or subjects visible to this body. There is “much more” in our lives that we have actually forgotten about that we need to pay attention with our basic instinct.

What is that “much more”?

What effect does this have on our life and existence? Or think why all the efforts and all the sentiments remain, even after some uncertainty?

Every type of structure in life, in the body, and in this creation was done with three types of influences or qualities. For example, physical / materialistic, spiritual and transcendental life, body and emotions. Three types of qualities with which this creation was created.

Just like eating, drinking and playing are necessary for the body, similarly it is also necessary to live all three types of lives to attain the real stability. Even the structure of our intelligence is in three parts. Right side, left side and small brain in back side.

Now consider that the left side which handles the right part of the body, gives you the ability to fulfill dharma and karma in this physical world. The right part that we say is not active so much, in fact it communicates semiotic thoughts and tells us that the work to be done is wrong and also explains if it is right. We also call it Instinct or sixth sense. Therefore the left part always helps the right part as a partner.

For example, if a right handed person lifts a heavy weight, the right hand does the first hard work to apply force and the left hand goes automatically under to help along with it. In the senses located in this part, we call the abode of the gods. This part is their medium to help us.

We always understand the part of the intellect behind that in fact, it works for us according to itself and we have no control over it. We also say that if this part is awakened then a person is also able to use all kinds of so called magical powers.

It should be understood that this part actually maintains our link with God in living a spiritual life and through this we get inspiration, knowledge or just say that we get the orders of God and guidance from the law of super consciousness.

Now if we can understand that we can improve our emotions and personality by practicing all three types of lives with understanding that we have a purpose given to us in our life, we can complete it. After that all the support from Lord is provided in realizing our dreams automatically.

When this happens, we say that we have attained the lord’s affinity, we have got a good luck in simple language.

To practice all these, we just have to “control our emotions” which is as i said earlier KARMA. By which we take all the decisions properly while doing our work, then we also get help from God in our non-workable tasks, that is, we are able to support him.

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