Matrix ” Principle of Chaturbhuj”

Even if we understand the birds eye view of how lord runs the KARMA and DHARMA Cycles; lot of questions still come to mind.

  1. How do i manifest ?
  2. What is right for me?
  3. What will be most beneficial for me?
  4. Still i am living in this physical “Bhautik” world, so how can i ignore the needs of the same ?
  5. If i need to fulfill my duties then how can i get rid of the Greed, lust, love and all other emotions that are part of this world ?
  6. IF i need to move ahead on the path of attainment of Sanyas, then how can i still be worthy of living a family life; since both are opposite.

Such many questions come in mind.

Before going ahead reading, it is important is to understand and remember the definitions & link between KARMA ” Emotional control and manipulation” and DHARMA ” Fulfilling duties”.

Sanyas does not mean that you leave everything and go to Mountains in caves to do meditation and “Tapasya”.

“Sanyas”, “Vairagya”, ” Virrakti” are state of emotions that are big milestones of the “adhyatmik” path that we need to achieve. It depends on how fast we can actually accept the truth and start taking control of our emotions to make all “as defined good or bad emotions ” values ZERO. Means none of our emotions are affected by any event that takes place with us. We need to start accepting that tough times are test that is put forward by lord to check how we react in different situations.

You yourself can observe that if you are calm in the tough situation; it passes away itself quiet fast and the negative effect of the situation is minimal upon you and you yourself sit & think about solution that appeared itself.

So, “Virrakti” is a state of mind where you are able to curb any kind of affect that may arise from the external situations to manipulate your emotions.

“Vairagya” is the state of mind where you have are already overcome all the distractions arising due to physical world that manipulate your emotions. And you see the situations and the world with same one vision of thought.

“Sanyas” is the state of mind where emotions for the physical world are always ZERO and you do not get bothered by good or bad situation, thought or emotion so much that you give a spontaneous reactions to anybody or anything.

Hence, Sanyas can be attained by living a normal life with family; raising kids and doing a job to fulfill the duties for your own body, you family & friends and community.

“Keep your eyes open”; this phrase is always said by our elders and wise people. This does not mean that we walk around with eyes closed. But obviously as we know that it means that we need to be careful and keep certain guidelines in mind so that our reactions are balanced.

This balance in life come from control of emotions.

Different situations arise in daily life; small or big. In these situations for a while we become happy and get overwhelmed after which we do a loose talk. Sometimes, there is a emotional outburst of some loved one due to which we get sad and in that sadness we actually can take some decision that may be wrong.These are just couple of examples that happen in everyone’s life everyday.

The emotions that arise due to any situations have to be kept under control is a known fact to all of us; but how do we do it?

I practice a principle that is said in Purana’s with the life of Radha and Krishna.

I can name the principle as ” Principle of Chaturbhuj”.

Principle of Chaturbhuj has four important qualities “arms” that we need keep in our mind and practice these qualities every second by reminding ourselves that we need to evaluate how the reaction that we give should be.

Four arms of the “Principle of Chaturbuj” are “Love”, ” Patience”, “Forgiveness” and “Compassion”.

Before reacting to any situation we need to evaluate the situation and our emotion that has to come out shall be evaluated if we look at the situation with love & compassion and keep forgiveness and patience in our mind. Once we have evaluated the emotions that should come out as reaction; the situation would automatically fall in line and you will be in control of the same. Keeping this in mind is the meaning of the phrase”Keep your eyes open”.

Even after knowing this fact and starting to adapt the principle; it is not easy to keep control as we are humans and we are in practice and it is in our instincts to react spontaneously to anything which comes.

Just think, of any situations that would have gone wrong and if you would have adapted “Principle of Chaturbhuj” then how the conclusion of the situation would have been. I am sure, you can observe that it could been better and under your control.

In order to practice the principle; even if you get automatic emotional outburst of any kind in any situation, first important point is to keep calm and do not bring the reaction to your lips or face.

Keep calm and take 2 mins. In these 2 mins automatically you will be able to control and adapt the principle.

Best way to control your emotions and in built the principle in your brain is to meditate in morning. If you can keep calm with closed eyes and try to stop your thoughts by talking to yourself that right now(when you are meditating) you are with lord and talking to lord about your good or bad situations then in beginning phase of meditation you would start getting answers to what is right and what is wrong in situations around you and gradually with continuous practice you would be able to get control.

I can keep on writing endlessly, but now its time for me to stop and give you time to think and do an introspection. Then come back and read the articles again.

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