Matrix “key to good health and happiness”

Have you ever thought, how come people with so many bad habits might some time do not fall ill at all and they are always healthy and running. Besides some people who don’t smoke or drink or just eat healthy all of a sudden fall ill and are gone.

Thus all happens and such many scenarios keep on happening in life even with financials or peace and harmony in life. A time comes when you realise that people who are not worthy (might be, according to you) are living a happy life.

We keep on searching for answers but do not get them. In corporate sector we see many times people not qualified get through to higher position and you might feel aukward to report to them.

to The balance of KARMA (balance of emotions), DHARMA (fulfilling your duties), LOYALTY, LOVE and COMPASSION determines your health would be good or bad. It determines if your family life would be filled with happiness. 

This also keeps impact on your relationship with your friends , colleagues and other people.

Now there comes the question of how all these qualities can lead to your physical ability, health and happiness in life.

Your sentiments are predominantly responsible for the events happening around you.  If the emotions are inspired by virtue and good intellect, then the event that happen also automatically turn out to be good. 

If some destiny is written in a bad way, then it reduces the calamity in your life.

Principle of chatirbhuj is the key to be kept in mind and practised to transform your life and the impact of course of events taking place around you.

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