The secret to healthy body and happy life

emotional control, duties, patience, loyalty and love (कर्म, धर्म, सयम, निष्ठा, और प्रणय या प्रेम) are five factors that determine the balance of life with respect to good health and happiness in life.

Relations with family, friends and co-workers also come under the same umbrella.

Now, the question may come to your mind that how come these factors affect the physical ability, health, materialistic requirements and life needs as happiness.

Need to understand that emotions are the prime factor that affect everything in life. Person with peaceful mind, anger-lust-greed free and not affected by life situations always carry a positive attitude and takes the situations to handle for resolution.

A mind involuntary or voluntary involved in situations thinking, why, how and who is against him or for him is left with troubles, miseries in life.

This is in turn affect the anxiety, stress and pain levels that directly put pressure on brain and nervous system.

About 70 % of health issues today are due to stress, depression and anxiety. Other 20 % is due to bad food and daily routine habits. Rest 10 % becomes other factors.

That is why you follow any religion or culture, prime focus is on routine that would involve meditation or prayers or certain act of kindness towards others that follow and are followed by good emotions that are acquired by brain.

Remember brain in itself is like a communication machine that is connecting your body with universe.

Decision making abilities are with every body part and cell of our body. And are affected by external information that is received through brain.

If we receive good and positive feedback, every cell of our body gets strength and starts taking care of itself and its functions and authority.

This information is controlled by behavior we carry and the above mentioned factors.

This is how it becomes cycle of emotion and health and life.

All this not only affect our health but also the gifts and feedbacks that universal energy gives us back as wealth, opportunities and help that come all of a sudden in situations where we need it.

I hope I was able to make you feel better and more importantly that you had a nice time reading this.

Send me your queries, I will answer them.

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