Life is a trampoline park

“THE JOURNEY”, I mean the big journey that a soul has to cover. It gets into multiple challenges that are given as bodies and the condition in which we need to face the challenge in the body.

Multiple options are provided to us as humans. Option to enjoy the challenge, options to live the challenge and option to fight the challenge.

Similarly we are provided by qualities which are गुण (good quality) and अवगुण (bad quality) which tend to decide our behaviour and decisions to face the challenge or Life.

Now assume the big journey is having several milestones where one of the milestone which is meant for us human is trampoline park.

A TRAMPOLINE PARK… isn’t it interesting.

It is a big journey. Each and every aspect of this journey needs to be understood with a deep thinking.

You would need to have a relaxed mind with self realization.

Will continue in coming blogs to continue the story.

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