Trampoline park: Big journey and milestones (cont.)

How ever, the achievements of our behaviours, emotional control and achieving powers is not only the aspect along with our physical life that is to be dealt with.

We also have to fight with our fate, which actually is the result of our previous life’s or this life’s past time karma that create changes in situations that we face.

Now, this becomes the biggest challenge as today we are so super imposed by perceptions created on our mind by modern technology that we forgot that some where in past the technology, science and mankind could have enjoyed better world, environment and relationship.

These forgotten facts are the basics that we knew and practised some generations back.

Today we see the issues everywhere in our life and relationship with others. We face failures, bad relations, fights and different type of crisis.

Although, we feel we give our best but still someone who does not deserve takes away rewards that actually could have been meant for you.

In these things, sometimes difficulties of life harass you for so long that you become demotivated, loose hopes and go inti depression. We start developing bad digestive system followed by different type of diseases.

Combination of anxiety, depression and bad health we actually loose our zeal to fight with situations.

Why am I discussing this now ?

Because I want you to take deep breath and sit back and think about your life which has passed.

Think about all good, bad and unforgettable memories. Think how you could change things if you go into past. Think of great opportunities that you got magically, all of a sudden. Think of current issues in your life. Think how you are handling them. Think what your future brings with as a gift for you. Or you expect you are in fix, and don’t know how to deal with it.

All this is thoughtful and very important to collect and right down on a paper so that when we move forward on our journey we actually can link the answers that we get for our questions and as how these points will change our life.

So, coming back….

One aspect of big journey is to live thourgh life of different species. So the question here is what we live. Like, Reach to human life, spend time on this milestone to rise high in dimensions to attain the life of god’s, angels or prophets or chosen ones.

Another aspect which goes in parallel is how we live this journey. Do we fight, or we sit back and wait or we are smarter and get out loop of the stage we are in move forward in our journey.

Third aspect of big journey is how we deal with challenges. The challenges that come as situations, hard coded bad and good qualities that we have, which actually become the input for actions

Ok, good …. Go back read it again and write questions which are coming into your mind.

To continue….

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