Trampoline park: Big journey and milestones

Big journey starts when you as pure soul is send in this world or universe to live.

Before we depart on journey, lord briefs us the rules and regulations of the journey. The tasks and the challenges that may come across on our way.

These instructions come across our mind as our insticts or as we humans also say voice of subconscious mind when we are making some decisions or facing some situation.

We as per belief in Sanatan dharma, we come across life’s lived by us in nearly 84 lakhs species in their body and lives before we become humans.

As a human we have body which is supposed to be replica of how lord appears before us.

We are also provided with a brain, to think, analyse and take decisions which other species on our planet has but not so developed as we do.

In this chapter of big journey, why am I mentioning about our human life?

That is because this human life is one of the biggest stages where we spent lot of time of this journey.

Now, taking you on a bird’s eye view over the journey.

How many species, how they live what becomes there karma and what is there test bed from lords side is written in PURANS.

On of the puran’s and one of the biggest is bhagwat puran, which states every aspect of life, creation and even future of man kind of our civilization which are true as of today.

Let us start our journey from our milestone in that is where we take birth as humans and what challenges has lord kept for us.

It has been necessary to live the life of earlier 84 lakh species before becoming human so that our experience, attitude and journey itself is recorded as part of JOURNEY.

These records becomes the inputs for THE MATRIX to decide what would we get when we take birth next birth and as what species. For instance as human:

Starting from the condition in which mother became pregnant then the journey of 9 months when she delivered us and we took birth in the world. What family do we get? What values are fed inside us in childhood? What attitude do we carry and what kind of human being do we become.

All above and similar questions are answered by previous life’s karma that become the basis of life environment and circumstances we live in.

Big journey consist of multiple dimensions that we live in. One is the physical 3 dimensional world or universe as see and live. 4th dimension as we all are taught by science is time where we again live in. 5th dimension is emotions where all 4 dimensions gets dissolved. 6th dimension is the certifications that we get and graduate by proving of having control of our emtions.

7th dimensions where we are provided by several powers as we post graduate to experiment our skills, power and become SIDHH.

There are many more dimensions till in this journey we either become gods or get back to the lord by ending our journey.

To continue….

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