Death on desire

“The journey” as stated earlier has many milestones. One is when we get a human life.

We need to understand the difference between life of other living beings and intelligent ones as humans.

Everybody who is a human has been granted all the might and super powers that we think a human can achieve. For instance, doing magic in physical life, eating anything and still being fit, doing your duty and achieving the best out of your effort etc.

Now, it may sound like a fairy tale but it is all true.

Life does not go as we think, and we all know this. Then how does it go? How do we fix the issues of our daily life and the long standing problems that may be existing in our life as misunderstandings, financial issues or health problems in family or your own?

There are two ways to look at the resolution of our life problems.

One that they get eliminated immediately and all fixed in a second. That is what actually our desire is. When we think of the lord in time of problems we do not want to keep our ego aside even from lord. We feel, think and pray that why lord doesn’t fix it now since I had been doing all right . And then think that even lord is not on our side.

We have so many issues in our attitude like ego, anger, lust, hunger for more, no patience, hatred, we envy others etc. We never think of getting rid of them and feel that without we doing anything; lord should fix everything for us.

He actually does fix our problems despite our bad attitude in life. But we need to understand that there is always a set amount of time taken pto get through the time cycle to come out of each episode and that is why we are told that we should keep patience. What we actually do is by the mean time lord is providing other opportunities for us to come out of problems, we in haste take another step as per our intellectual disabilities and kill the opportunity that lord is providing.

Instead, if we keep our faith in him, keep patience, wait, keep an eye over indications what lord keeps giving and act accordingly in line with the opportunities that he is giving us; we magically get the best unexpected solution that we might think is impossible.

Similarly, we need to understand the life. “Death” as said comes all of a sudden without intimation. We see people who stress themselves to keep there body fit and look beautiful, often avoid everything what may distract their thinking and schedule to keep fit, die early all of a sudden. We see people who would drink, eat and smoke whole life might be taking medications but still keep on living for long. We see people who carry a bad attitude win all good wealth, great carrier in life and we think “why” ?

Now, let us try to understand the purpose of this life in the body we are. Purpose of life with family we took birth in. Purpose of life with all circumstances we face around us. Purpose of life with all relations, friends, and unexpected events that take place in our life.

All this, with all the conditions and probabilities have one single purpose given by lord. And that is; to manifest the right and enjoy the life to the full capacity he has provided. Now, many of us would think that lord provides different life and aspects to everyone as per our old and past life Karma.

This understanding is given to us by some pandits who are good in astrology . Who have read Vedas, Upanishads but don’t understand the core messages given by lord in them.

We need to understand that despite all past karma and due to them we taking birth in definite kind of family, conditions and circumstances where we might be not wealthy enough to sustain all desires are provided with all opportunities, instruments, and continuous guidance by lord to still take the best for us.

So to say every begger around us,l can become ambani if he works in correct way, with right attitude and thinking , makes right and constructive efforts in line with hints that are given by lord to us, every moment.

I have been talking so much about hints. Let us take some examples of what these hints are.


Let us say we are about to go out for work that we wanted since long to do because that might make us happy in some certain manner. But as we getting ready to go out, some family member a or friend would end up saying that don’t go and do it tomorrow. We still go out and somehow we are unsuccessful to accomplishing the task.


Let us take another example, that we are trying to take loan for example which is getting rejected for some small amount which we think might resolve the issues to some good extend but not getting through. But keeping faith in lord we have an inner feeling that it will get through and we keep patience. We would see that all of a sudden some how same will get through from bank which we might not even think of or have hopes.

Such kind of episodes in life are unlimitted and countless.

All we need to do is keep faith and patience. Work on our good and bad factors of attitude. Work on our positive thinking and behaviour. Become humble and loving to everyone. Have confidence after being positive, faithful and contended in ourselves and lord.

When we manifest our life like this, magic happens and you see that all your desires starts realising as you want.

Similarly, by all the points kept in mind when we make a commitment to give back our effort, support and encouragement to lord by helping others unbiased, we create the purpose of our life, we live long.

We choose our death buy choosing what we want to give back. If we are self obsessed keep fit, earn big money and don’t do anything to create our purpose for helping lord maintain his world then we die early as we discussed earlier.

It is all in purpose that we create for ourselves and efforts we put to fulfill the targets with pure, unbiased and loving attitude where decide to do something for world, society, nature or friends and family, something to do to improve life of others.

This then decides when we are going to die. Matrix of lord stated the laws for us . It does not hard code the timeline for anyone to die.

Radhe radhe.

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