Getting over dimensions

The big journey is long and difficult not because there are obstacles. It is difficult because we complicate everything by falling in trap of MAYA who leads us to be manipulated by our emotions.

As I wrote earlier you live in 3 dimensional material world where today we know that being successful means earning lot of money, live rich life and hence from childhood we are taught to be strong in studies or academics or sports or something by which we can win the race.

Then we understand that happiness and health are more important to sustain the success.

Usually whole life gets into getting over all odds and even to keep happiness and health in line.

What do we do to sustai n the two things is well known as some or the other way all humans do the same.

Then comes a stage where you understand that ignoring certain things could have made the things easier and better. Now, having understood this we start practising the same. HERE IS THE TIME when we become philosophical or religious. We start connecting teachings with our life and try to do prayers and meditate.

If you stop and think of what you just read is you just cleared 4th dimension where time does not matter for you already. Because you stop yourself in present and practise meditation or something which keeps you happy by doing for someone else who is usually not part of life. Be it “Dan”, “Narayan seva” or charity or something.

Moving forward you start looking for answers and you get knowledge that al what you did was not needed but just to keep command over your emotions. Having command over emotions such as anger, lust, greed, pride, ego, insecurity etc.

Is it easy to command these emotions ? No it is not because this is what life tries to test you on by pushing you in all sorts of situations.

You might be thinking that we have heard this or we know this then what’s new that I am trying to tell?

When you stop trying to have command over emotions and you are able to attain mental peace and satisfaction. But when this happens you either fall into square 1 by displaying stronger emotions and falling into trap again or otherwise everything what happens in this world around you becomes like a stage show where you are everyone; an actor, a director and also audience.

Here starts interesting things.

You get powers , power to feel what is coming in next few moments to you as situation or responses. Nothing is a surprise. You feel you knew this wud happen. You feel that when you concentrate you can see a bit of future or if you tell something it wud be realised,

This is where you are about to feel and see all dimensions of your big journey. Here if you stop practising your peace you again go back to square 1.


Here if you keep patience, and have trust in the supreme consciousness. You just leave all efforts and sit back like an audience and enjoy the life And just let it go. Here it is important to understand that you sustain the happiness or peace only if nothing is good or bad for you, no one is your friend,enemy, in relationship with you but you are yourself attached to the supreme and detached to everything else.

When you can actually become detached to everything but still keep on working what comes to you to fulfil your duties like a solider who serves with complete devotion and dedication without asking any questions knowing that his supreme commander wud take care of all his interests. Here it is a stage where you step out of dimensions and most difficult part of big journey with loop backs around them.

At this stage, you see and feel the super powers / devi Shakti . You feel you desired for them in whole journey and now here they are. Attached to you , listening to you , talking to you, interacting with you literary and taking care of all situations automatically for you. Life become like a miracle for instance like you would have struggled in childhood to repair your favourite toy and immediately your elders come there fix it for you and pet on your head and smile. You are capable is using powers anywhere.

But since these powers show up only when truly you become detached you don’t feel like using them for your own personal goods.

Lot of things take place here. You are able to manifest, you understand real reasons of events for how and why they are happening as they are happening. You desire and the wish falls into list of your manifestations. And so on.

This is how the journey in dimensions end.

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