I am emotionally free

Big Journey continues with all emotions going up and down. Human beings are most intelligent living being who have control over emotions and intelligence to use these emotions in a right manner.

When I think of myself living this journey and moving forward with full trust, devotion and patience. I see a waves of emotions like flash flood going Thru the mind in different situations reflecting differently as anger , ego, lust or desire. These emotions come and go building our personality, social status, making us successful or unsuccessful, good or bad before people, Friends, colleagues, neighbours and community where we live.

We the people, don’t understand that emotions make us react differently in different situations & deviate us from our goal.

Where in the journey towards our goal, we have important milestones to cross such as completing our schooling, College, completing education and then taking on a job or a business. We usually Cross these milestones and move forward in life sometimes being happy and sometimes getting worried from the problems we face in life. So there are two things 1.) continuously changing emotions and 2.) sadness or happiness which actually are the basis of our life that we live.

To understand better for what I’m trying to say is that intensity of our emotions that reflect in different situations or with different people comes back as happiness or sadness with same intensity.

Now, we need to understand what is sadness and happiness. Actually sadness is any situation or product or desire that we want get in our custody but we don’t get. In that condition we become frustrated sad and start reflecting different emotions worrying about how to achieve what we desire for. And Hence we get into a race getting physical or materialistic things to achieveresources which can help us to get our desire accomplished. This race never ends and we get into endless loop off unstable emotions which in turn affects our health our family and our own personality.

On other hand, happiness is getting hold of anything what we desired or what makes us fascinated or motivated. We never understand then this is happiness what has come is temporary. Because in this world nothing is permanent.

Most of the people in the world Believe that many things what happened to us are related to our past lives or past Karma. About myself I can say that today I have achieved a milestone in my big Journey where I am very near to a situation we are all desires vanish. In my past few years after continuous practice I have trained myself not to get affected or provoked buy any situation or reaction Or any person. With this I stand today very stable with my emotions not getting affected or manipulated making me emotions free. Let me clarify that I am not saying emotionless. Because emotionless is the situation where one would become Shiva. Emotions Free means that my emotions even after getting affected Stay very near to zero deviation.

So as I said beginning that I am successful in building trust in God, devotion in matrix that he has built, patience in action that lord takes to Drive my life in an automated mode. I have been going Thru many small and big tests in life that Lord has put me through to test my reactions, emotions, trust in him, patience towards him. All the tests would be go through in life are related to action and reaction that we demonstrate in our life in any kind of situation.

As soon as you become emotionally Free your life becomes smooth and moves into a positive direction. This combination of qualities if developed by a person, his or her life becomes problem free. This does not mean that problems would vanish automatically and immediately. They will take time to go but by the time the problems are solved automatic workarounds as opportunities or help would come to get you through the crisis or the problematic situation you are in.

We need to understand that all gods all Demi gods how so ever we may name them as Krishna, Jesus, Allah or the fire God etc exist on this planet in our life as a non-physical energy driving us to attain the peace of mind and service to humanity which is in my language call as Narayana Seva. All ancient cultures such as Mayan culture, Egyptian culture, old Arabic culture and ancient aryan culture talks about the same thing, have similarities for instance many physical proves that are common across all cultures. Somewhere around 4000 to 6000 years back there was nothing named as religion. There were cultures strong believes traditions which were followed and trusted by the People living in that geographical location.

humans are habitual of forgetting everything and live in virtual world of there own. Where they regret of not getting what they desire and be very happy of what they got extra in comparison to the people who live around.

Getting back to Point about effect from past life for past Karma I would say that as a result after effects from past life are past Karma you get Family, conditions you live in and other predecided factors that you cannot change or health conditions that you get by birth. And that becomes the end of it. Anything that happens after you become mature and conscious about what is happening in your life is your choice of emotions reactions actions or to say karma that you choose to conduct towards anything or anyone.

It is a big topic to talk about and a whole book or series of books can be written on this topic. I want to stop here and give you a chance to think about your life your choices that you have made in past resulting into anything good or bad to reflect and analyse how better would have been if in certain situation your emotions would have been different. Once you are done with that analysis come on read this article again.

Thank you

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