Life is like a big boss show

I hope everybody has seen the big boss show. If not I would recommend to see a full season of bigg boss show to understand what I am writing about.

Bigg boss show has very important and simple principles for contestants to survive in the show till the last.

Every contestant has to create value in the show for themselves as well as keep a good coordination and relationship with the contestants who are there in the show with them. By keeping the cordial relationship with the co-contestants one saves himself or herself from the nominations to get eliminated from the show. Where as on other hand even if the contestants save him or her from elimination, if not creating value would get eliminated because of the low Number of votes what people give to the contestant.

Now let us connect this big boss show with your life.

This life also has multiple parallel big boss shows that we become part of as contestants. If we do not create our value for the show which is being run by God we may get eliminated by the low amount of voteS from the lords side.

Coming on to the second part where we are creating a value for show of god but not keeping a cordial relationship with our co-contestants or even not looking after ourselves properly causing a negative health, negativity in relationships, negative values for ourselves from all around people surrounding us we may still survive in the show because of the value we have created for the show of god.

Let me give some examples to make you understand what I’m saying.

Example is from Our own society and normal Family or home.

For instance, If in a family there is someone who is very negative but somehow manages to keep the value High causing HIS or HER contribution in family is such a manner that dependency of other family members continue to be on this person then in this scenario the person has created his or her value towards the show of God.

Of course if the value is negative then the final result would be provided as per the Karma. But here right now we are talking about the survival or age of the person to live a life in this World which I am naming as a big boss show.

In the same life, we may take notice of another example. Where a person who works hard may EARN big amount of money and as per today’s Fashion drinks every day, smokes two packets of cigarette and does not look after his or her health may fall ill or may not fall ill.

Here the person has created his or her value by creating a financial dependency of all people or family depending on him or the society. People always looking towards him for help as he is a person who is financially very sound. Such a person if even Falls ill with critical disease may continue to live for years surprisingly whereas in the same condition another but a good person might have died long ago.

Another example a important one. We see many people doing charity helping people or taking sanyas becoming preachers conveying the right path of God to the people telling them about right or wrong guiding them to create value. Such people are the best example of the best candidate and a big boss show. Because such people create a cordial relationship with the contestants Of their life’s big boss show as well as value between the people who would always look towards him for help guidance and telling their own problems to get a good vibration and happiness. Same way as in a big boss show such contestants get VIP treatment and powers to nominate someone or to save someone from getting eliminated from the show.

Same way in our life such people get a special powers which we call as super powers or divine powers. For example healing powers, Power to be present in multiple places at the same time or so many other superpowers that we have heard of the great Sanyasies.

Now if you take a reflection of all the examples what we have taken we actually get the answers to so many questions that we usually hear in normal discussions in our life that why god called such a good person so early whereas another bad person is living so long and is still alive. All matter is what value a person has created around him from his side which is creating dependency of people environment or other species helping out God to run the big boss show.

In this physical world all the good karma or the bad karma are accounted by Lord for the final Prize money that a person would get or if he or she has been to negative may have to pay penalty.

If you are understanding what I am trying to say then by now your fears to die or losing someone else if dies on whom you are dependent should start to go away.

Life runs on very simple principle of value creation for God and this physical world in your life what you are living for the people and environment that Lord has created.

Other than this there is one more important point to be understood. That is every person who is surrounding you lives his or her on bigg boss show where he or she has to play their own game creating their own value for the show also accumulating good points of Karma which may result in a good price money at the end of their show. In their show you act as co- contestant who would have very limited participation to create impact in their journey.

Whereas What ever you try to do in their big boss show would actually end up In impacting by losing or winning good points of Karma or bad points of Karma resulting impact on prize money or penalty in your on bigg boss show.

Which means all the bigg boss shows are interconnected. And all these bigg boss shows when they run together become the gods show.

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