Entangled KARMA and LUCK.

We have always had heard questions on KARMA and LUCK co-relation.

Even we ask ourselves or our best friend or a person with same frequency in thought process that “What is the significance of KARMA if LUCK plays the main role? And Also a vice versa questiuon ” What is the significance of LUCK if our KARMA plays all the role?

Let us have a deep dive into our thoughts and life. Let us put away all biased perceptions first that we have in our thoughts.


If you know about M – Theory or String theory it is good. Because i am going to take it into reference of my theory. Also take Theory of entanglement from M-Theory into picture.

Before going forward with what i am writing i would request you to browse M-Theory, String Theory and Thoery of entanglement.

Now, I understand that you have already understood the theories. Let us start with our deep dive.

In theory of entanglement we have two entangled strings. For hypothesis as scientists have taken example of two DICE which would always give a sum of 7 if thrown; doesnt matter how far they are or where they are located.

If throw first one which given you 6 and then as per theory of entanglement second one would give you 1. Same way if first one gave you 4 then second one would give you 3 and so on.

In the same manner two strings who are entangled would act and as per my theory there sum has to be ZERO.

Why ZERO? If you are educated with Sanatan dharma or Vedas; it is said that our main task in the lives we live on the way to big journey is to make our all VIKARs “ZERO”. Hence we take the asumption that sum of action of both strings have to be ZERO.

Let us assume that one of the string is with LORD / PARAM ATMA who governs the Tridev, Devtas, Srishti and all the Bramhands. Now other one is with us.

LORDs string is proividing results that we say that it happened due to good luck or in oither situatiuons we say that it happened due to bad luck.

Other String is with us and it provides the results from our ACTIONS which are so called KARMA.

We hear everybody saying now a days that KARMA gives back. If you do good you get good and if do bad you get bad.

Now let us go into detail.

Assume that these strings have only three digits for calculation as digital world has. And they would be -1, 0 and +1.

We all believe that our life moves like a graph of sinusoid. Nothing is stable and things never remain in the same state. Night is followed by Day and Day is followed by Night.

But untill when and how do we stop this cycle. Look at the graph of sinusoid.

Picture 1

Now in this graph you see the whole life. But how to co-relate it what I was talking about theory of entanglement and simple sinusoid graph. Let us go further into depth.

Would suggest you to sit back and digest what you read so that you have what i am saying in mind as clear understanding.

Y Access cordinate is result of LUCK string which is with lord. X axis with changing value of PIE is the time in which we atain our next state coming while forward with line.

Let us assume that Life starts from the left, just as see a graph as per mathematics. Nothing special here. 🙂

Let’s assume Amplitude is the emotions and dedication we put in our KARMA to attain next step. And that is our coordinate

Now if Y is LUCK String cordinate and X is time cordinate. then where are we?

We are the third cordinate sitting on the point on sinusoid graph which is independent. We choose our own next value to be -1 or +1. So if we choose our next value as -1 where do we move; DOWN of course. If we choose our Value to be +1 then we move UP.

Picture 2

We usually when are filled with all sorts of external worldly distrubances take action where we cannot see a long term affect that would come back. Where ever we are in what ever quadrant, what shall be our next state would depend from the value of amplitude / action which is taken by us which is changing value of PIE in that particular quadrant determining the angle of life we would be in.

Now , take a deep breath and try to understand what i wrote again. Read rest of article only when you actually understand what i said.

OK, since we know how our actions determine our next point on graph / next state of life. What happens as per theory of entanglement.

check picture 1 again and memorise it.

when we have taken Value of amplitude which is negative and move below on certain angle in the quadrant our second string which LUCK / LORD / Paramatma will have a value to bring your state back towards ZERO.

Now think. Try to understand. Take a deep thought. Look into your own life and connect the article.

Thanks and please put your queries in comments.

Radhe Radhe – “Pulastya”

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